Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Days

January has been a dream month for the boys. Three days off of school so far, two of them snow days. This year the snow is staying around, instead of melting off quickly. We don't have much of a slope in the backyard, but the boys are being creative. They built up a ramp on a tree stump, and start off from there. It gives them another foot or so of height, so they can get better speed. Then they built a ramp to jump over; but it was hard to see, so they put a yellow cup as a marker to aim for. Next they decided to put up slalom poles, using shovels staked in the snow. Last they came up with putting a "roof" on the jump. As crazy as it sounds, it worked! They've gotten pretty good at "threading the needle" LOL.

The cats aren't as thrilled with the snow. It's cold! And doesn't make as comfy a bathroom, ahem. We all laughed when we saw Toby up here:


And then Waterfall tried to knock him down and take his spot. He wouldn't give up his spot, so she tried out a different pole LOL:


Now the boys are inside enjoying some hot chocolate. I'm guessing they'll be out again this afternoon :-)