Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Love Flowers!

Chris brought home a bunch of stems last week. He bought some daffodils for Easter Seals, and they gave him 10 stems with closed buds on them. He felt gypped. I didn't feel much better. But I put them in a glass of water anyway, just in case. In a few days, this is what I got!

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I have them sitting next to my computer, and they smell SO good!

A lot more of the flowers out front are blooming now too, they are so pretty. However, we haven't had enough warm days for me to completely get the weeds out, so they are still half hidden. Maybe it will warm up enough this weekend for me to get it done.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Bored - or boring?

*Sigh* I've been feeling bored lately. Maybe it's cabin fever, or the last clinging cobwebs of winter depression, I don't know. But nothing is stirring my enthusiasm. I've been wanting to post to my blog, but just haven't come up with anything exciting. Yeah, we all got sick a few weeks ago, and it was a viscious nasty stomach flu. Ick. But that's going around; I'm sure I don't even need to tell you about it, as you or someone you know has just had it too.

We had a big downpour on Sunday, then it was 80 degrees on Monday - wow, I didn't even realize it was so warm until almost 3 pm, and missed most of it, but I did throw the kids out in the back yard, sans coats. Woo hoo! But in typical fickle Spring fashion, it was just a tease and it's been in the 40s the rest of the week. Yup, just the same as where you are.

Wednesday was very windy, and blew my recycling container down the street before the trash collector came, so now there is broken glass all over the street. I actually went out 3 times to chase down the bucket, and retrieve the jars and bottles and jugs. But since the last time I went out the glass was broken and the plastics were nowhere to be found, I just brought the bucket back in the garage and gave up. Usually the recycling truck comes by before 9 am, but this week they didn't come until almost 4 pm. Oh well, too bad for them. I also had to chase down the lid to my trash can, but at least that was only once, since it was empty by then, and I put that right into the garage. So gosh, what a surprise, it's March, and it's windy!

On Sunday Troyer and I went over to the church for his Pathfinder project, which was to make, from scratch, 8oz chocolate covered peanut butter eggs. This group has been doing this fundraiser for 13 years, so they have it down to a science. A leader was in charge of the industrial mixer (borrowed from a bakery) to make the peanut butter mix (and ugh ick coconut, oh sorry, Chris likes it, maybe you do too?). Huge bowls of it were brought over to the "patting table" where I was stationed, along with 5-6 others. 2 adults carefully weighed out the correct amount of mix on scales, and passed the balls on to the patters, who shaped them into egg shapes. From there they moved on to the dipping station, to be coated in chocolate, and then decorated with a candy flower on top. Then on to the drying table, and touched up on the bottom by painting melted chocolate on the bottoms. Finally, they were set in individual trays and then bagged in plastic bags, and packed 20 at a time into boxes. It all went very smoothly, I was very impressed. Even so, we were there from 8:30 (oops, we got up late, we were supposed to be there at 8!) until 3:30. We did break for lunch, and some ladies from church prepared soup and sandwiches for us all, as well as cans of lemonade and soda. Finally we headed home with 25 eggs to sell (20 pb and 5 coconut). Then of course I had to turn around and go back out to do my shopping. It was a long day. I am happy to report, though, that the eggs sold really well, and we only have 3 more to go. That will probably be 2, since I really want one myself lol.

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Don't they look yummy?

And finally, Chris and I have to make dinner for church this weekend. Our church hosts a "hospitality meal" each week after the service, so visitors and guests can stay after and eat lunch, and get to talk and socialize. Our old church used to do a similar thing, a "soup and sandwich" lunch, and it was fun. They do it a bit differently here, having 2 families provide the meal, rotating the families each week. Well, back in January I got roped into agreeing to do a meal. Ugh. I am not yet a member there, as we have not transferred our membership yet. I don't know my way around the kitchen, or the gym where the tables are to be set up. I agreed on condition that we were not on our own, but that someone would be paired up with us to help. I assumed they would pair us up with a family who has done it before and knew what they were doing. Um, wrong. We got a couple who has also never hosted before. Not only that, but, being relatively new to the church, we had no idea who this couple is. Finally, this week, I got a call from Mrs. K, who it turns out has no idea who we are either, and we worked out a meal plan. We will be making haystacks, which is basically a make-your-own taco salad type meal. Very easy to set up, no cooking except for the brown rice (I don't know why, but Adventists seem to expect rice at every meal) and the beans, which I passed off to Mrs. K. Oh, and whatever dessert she chooses to make. However, easy to serve doesn't mean no effort. I have to spend this afternoon chop chop chopping. Lettuce, tomato, olives. I cheated and bought the pre-shredded cheese, so I'm good there. My feet are not looking forward to this afternoon.

So, you see, life hasn't been standing still around here. We've had the usual homeschooling and trips to the library and Y gym class, and meetings too. But it all is just seeming so boring right now. We need a vacation, to get away and do something FUN. A change of scenery, something. Even a warm up in the weather would mean we could get out to the park. The robins are here, and my spring bulbs are starting to poke out of the ground, so I know Spring is coming. But I wish it was here.

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Spring is trying to come!

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I found these in my backyard. Pretty! I have no idea what kind of flowers they are.

Darn, I couldn't find any robins in the yard when I had my camera out, sorry!

Caleb was just laying around this morning, bemoaning how bored he was. I felt bad, because I didn't know what to tell him; I remember so clearly lying around the house when I was young (probably my whole childhood!) bemoaning being bored! And my mother could never help me come up with anything either.

Oh, Holy Cow, I forgot! Happy St. Patrick's Day! (I'm not even Irish, and I'm not wearing green, and I don't eat cabbage or drink beer of any color. But still, I love the music and the dancing!)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

A fun meme...

This one is pretty old, and I have done it before, but usually the results aren't as fun. I know a few other Gretchens out there, so really, we know they are about them, not me! *wink*

Google "(Insert your first name) needs" and list the first 10 results: (ok, I got carried away; and I tried not to cheat by using the google results that were from other Gretchens doing the search!)

1. Gretchen needs sleep
2. Gretchen needs to stop picking on me.
3. Gretchen needs relationship advice
4. Gretchen needs your help!
5. Poor Gretchen needs more than a good grooming
6. Gretchen needs our support.
7. Gretchen needs a Ricky to her Lucy.
8. Maybe Gretchen needs to go to a Sex Rehab center
9. Gretchen needs another tatoo
10. Gretchen is just what the country needs
11. Gretchen needs to take a lot of responsibility for her actions
12. Gretchen needs to prove that she can score at the next level
13. Gretchen needs to go as a cat
14. Gretchen needs more pushing
15. Gretchen needs a little poke in the nostrils.
16. Gretchen needs to assess her situation and act accordingly.
17. Gretchen needs to stop the screeching.
18. Gretchen needs Norma Price's address.
19. Gretchen needs to grow a backbone and stand up for herself.
20. Gretchen needs a low-key household
21. Gretchen needs to kick it in gear
22. Gretchen needs help finding her own reservoir of sexual energy

Now, I have to note that the majority of these entries are either about a dog, or about Danny Bonaduce's girlfriend. Hmm, what does that say about my name?....
Some of them, though, really do sound like me! (#17? #20?)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Riddle From Troyer

Bill the cowboy rode away from the ranch on Monday. 10 days later he returned, on Monday. How is this possible?