Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We Did It!

Finally, after almost missing another appt due to illness, we got the kids out to WalMart and got the portraits done! Woohoo! It was a close call, since even yesterday Troyer's eyes were too red for pictures, but phew, this morning he looked good. I never got around to giving him a haircut yesterday, so I did it quick this morning and threw him in the shower. We scrambled for another 2 hours to make sure all outfits were clean and dry, found socks and shoes for everyone, and actually got into the van ON TIME! We met Chris there, and then had to wait about 20 minutes because the poor girl at the studio was running behind. She was the only one working there, when I know the studio is supposed to have at least 2 people working at all times during the Christmas season, but she was great and got the baby ahead of our group through super quick, and she got us done fast too. The kids, with promises of candy bribes, did great, and we're done! I am so happy to have a picture of all the kids including Levi. We didn't do pictures last year because of the whole moving thing, and I hated not having a group picture of them.

So, here it is, the Annual Holiday Portrait:

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Now to go get my christmas cards addressed and in the mail, and my dad's gift mailed, and christmas cookies baked, and the kids' gifts wrapped, and ... and ... LOL

Monday, December 12, 2005


My cousin had twin girls last week, Charlotte and Kate. Aren't they beautiful?

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It is all I can do to keep from jumping in my car and driving over to see them and hold them. Ok, I'll confess, I am somewhat tempted to run home with them too! LOL I've been longing for twin girls since, oh, boy #3 LOL. Seriously, I am really happy for my cousin, but maybe I should change the color of the title of this post to green?

Friday, December 09, 2005


It's not officially the first snow of the season, we did get an inch or so a few weeks ago; but this is the first snow-pants-worthy snowfall, and the boys were excited! They couldn't eat breakfast fast enough to get out the door and play. We got about 6 inches, but it's powdery, so they are disappointed they can't make good snowballs. I think once the sun shines on it, it might firm up a little though. They will need to enjoy it while they can today; it is going to be 40 degrees tomorrow, so it will disappear.

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Snow Angels (and a Snow Devil?)

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Also, since I managed to get my photos out of my camera and onto my computer, I will share some other pictures.

Here is our tree, before decorations:

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Of course, each boy wanted his picture *alone* in front of the tree:

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And, just so you can see how long it's been since I emptied my camera, some pictures from early Fall:

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Proud Builders

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Ready to Mow!
Seriously, I may be biased, but I'm convinced he is the cutest thing ever! LOL