Thursday, March 09, 2006

A fun meme...

This one is pretty old, and I have done it before, but usually the results aren't as fun. I know a few other Gretchens out there, so really, we know they are about them, not me! *wink*

Google "(Insert your first name) needs" and list the first 10 results: (ok, I got carried away; and I tried not to cheat by using the google results that were from other Gretchens doing the search!)

1. Gretchen needs sleep
2. Gretchen needs to stop picking on me.
3. Gretchen needs relationship advice
4. Gretchen needs your help!
5. Poor Gretchen needs more than a good grooming
6. Gretchen needs our support.
7. Gretchen needs a Ricky to her Lucy.
8. Maybe Gretchen needs to go to a Sex Rehab center
9. Gretchen needs another tatoo
10. Gretchen is just what the country needs
11. Gretchen needs to take a lot of responsibility for her actions
12. Gretchen needs to prove that she can score at the next level
13. Gretchen needs to go as a cat
14. Gretchen needs more pushing
15. Gretchen needs a little poke in the nostrils.
16. Gretchen needs to assess her situation and act accordingly.
17. Gretchen needs to stop the screeching.
18. Gretchen needs Norma Price's address.
19. Gretchen needs to grow a backbone and stand up for herself.
20. Gretchen needs a low-key household
21. Gretchen needs to kick it in gear
22. Gretchen needs help finding her own reservoir of sexual energy

Now, I have to note that the majority of these entries are either about a dog, or about Danny Bonaduce's girlfriend. Hmm, what does that say about my name?....
Some of them, though, really do sound like me! (#17? #20?)


Michelle said...

I tried it...for me and Gary.

Michelle needs help (#1 and #6).
Michelle needs every advantage possible...needs constant proof of love...needs a name (what does that mean???) Michelle needs to just shut up (hmmm)...needs money so she can travel to Canada and the US to meet bloggers...needs a good man to care for her and tend to her as she deserves (thought I had that)...needs to find her style...needs help designing her art classroom...and needs to be able to win her amateur matches first (think this has something to do with golf - which I haven't played in about 30 years).

The funnies one is Gary. Number one for his list is....Gary needs to get a job. Knowing what we do, that is REALLY funny.


Chaska said...

I'm Gretchen, and I was filling one of these out on facebook and your page came up in Google! Thanks for finding some funny ones :D