Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Rest of the Weekend

I am happy to report that as a whole, the weekend was pleasant enough to make up for Friday. Friday itself really had nothing redeeming about it. It did rain on us, and we had to go out to pick up my cake. The store I ordered it at has a nasty woman working behind the bakery counter, and this woman just has no business working with customers. The day I ordered the cake, she was clearly put out that I was pestering her with something so annoying as to order a cake, nevermind that it's her job to take said orders, and she'd have no job if she had no cakes to bake. I was strongly hoping that someone else would be working there for the weekend, but no such luck. A friendly woman asked my name, but then turned and repeated it to Nasty Woman. She went in the back, retrieved my cake, and shoved it at me without so much as a Thank You or Have a Nice Day, not even a small smile. Harumph. It was raining on the way back to the van, which was parked at the very back of the lot because the whole lot was full. The boys refused to dress warmly in spite of my warnings, and complained heartily all the looong way back to the van about how cold they were. I got to sing "I Told You So" several times, and enjoyed it.

When Chris got home from work, the boys told him it was my birthday, and he replied, "No it's not, it's tomorrow." Really? My mother was mistaken all those years ago? It's not even that he didn't know what day of the week it was, he actually said, No, it's the 2nd, isn't it? We've been married 14 years now, and he still doesn't know what day is my birthday??? Ugh. So he quick rounded up the boys to sign the card and hand me my unwrapped gift. But hey, he had the gift and card already bought, so he gets points for that. And he got me something I actually like, so extra bonus points for that, LOL. He got me the DVD National Treasure. I love that movie, and am so hoping they make a sequel.

On Saturday it was still chilly so I slept in and let Chris take the boys to church. He only stayed for Sabbath School, because his leg is still bothering him (we're not sure why it hurts) and he wasn't going to be able to sit in the pew for 2 hours. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out. It was nice. Saturday night is our traditional Movie Night, so we watched National Treasure.

On Sunday I slept in again, then went out shopping. I picked up my cake, but also did a big grocery run and had lunch out by myself. I was pretty tired by the time I got back. He had spent the day helping the boys replace all the doorknobs on the bedroom and bathroom doors. The boys had somehow managed to break all the locks, so none of them locked anymore. Very annoying after the 4th or 5th time being ahem interrupted. That evening we watched our latest Netflix movie. It was 50 First Dates, so we waited until the kids were all in bed. It was pretty funny, and that's saying a lot since I don't particularly like Drew Barrymore or Adam Sandler.

On Monday Chris' parents had a Labor Day picnic at their house, so after lunch we packed up the boys and headed over. The day was beautiful, just right for sitting around on the deck out back and snacking while the boys played hide and seek in the barn and climbed trees. There was supposed to be a big crowd there, but a lot of people didn't come, so it was a little boring. But still pleasant. We ended up saving my cake for the picnic because we hadn't had time to cut it on Sunday night. The boys were happy for that, but honestly, we had barely finished Noah's cake from last week, so I had no appetite for it. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, it was a Pirates of the Caribbean cake. It was pretty cool!


Lisa said...

I'm glad things improved. Hey at least he had a present. Dh and I have stopped presents so there is really no reason to celebrate anymore. Oh, and I really liked National Treasure too.

Anonymous said...

Lost, season two is available today. Going out to buy mine tonight. You could put birthday money from Dad towards it!


SOSOY said...

Well, your Labor Day was more eventful than mine, but I still enjoyed it too. At least you GOT a cake. BTW I went to Giant Eagle and looked, but there wasn't a Pirates cake to be seen. Boo, hoo - and we haven't had cakes galore this summer; I was really hoping there would be one I just had to order. Wah.