Thursday, October 26, 2006

Seasonal Pictures

Ok, here is my nod to the season:

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Really, that is all we do for Halloween (besides buying 8 times more candy than we'd ever need to feed trick-or-treaters LOL). We don't even carve the pumpkin. What a bunch of Scrooges we are LOL.

And, since today is Love Thursday (oh, you don't know what that is? Apparently someone started the idea to post pictures of Love every Thursday, so when you visit different blogs you can see a variety of kinds of Love) so here is my contribution:

Puppy Love

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What better love is there, than the love between a boy and his dog?


O_Scientist said...

Great picture!

And LOL at the pumpkin. I have no say in the matter here, the pumpkins get carved, whether I want them to be or not ^^


SOSOY said...

Well, you are 1 pumpkin ahead of me in the decorating dept. I had to do costumes, of course - "whether I want them ... or not" (if you have kids in public school there is no way to avoid this). And hey, a bag of candy for $1.88? How can you pass that up? I had to laugh, though, b/c Giant Eagle, who sold candy all season at that "special" price now has their Halloween candy 50% off - of original prices, which makes that same bag o'candy $1.74 - oooooooh, what a bargain!

You know who : )