Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Ours!

We are now the proud owners of an old farmhouse! With awesome barn. Lots of work to do to clean it up, and ack, it seems smaller inside now that we have to figure out where to put everything. But the potential is heady. There are so many things we could do with it.

We have been packing and moving boxes all week. On Sunday, Chris took 5 loads over in the van, with the benches out. I have been driving over once a day with just the back bench out, and the boys have been helping me unload. Last night I went out and bought a new refrigerator. It was a little tricky, since the space for the fridge is in a tight spot, so I had to maximize volume while minimizing depth. I did ok, though I suppose most people would think 18.2 cu ft is small for a family the size of ours. But the best part was that it was on sale! It was last year's model and they already had the new models out, so I had to take the floor unit. I got a 10% discount for a tear in the cardboard on the back, plus they were having a special for free delivery. I got my new fridge for $400!

At closing, Chris got a good look at what our payments will be until we sell our current house, and got a little freaked out. Our plan is to reammortize the loan once we get our equity back out of this house. We won't be eligible to do that until June even if we sell now, so we have 3 months of very high payments. It is a bit scary, but we planned for it, and have the money in savings to cover it, at least for a few months. Let's hope this house sells quickly! (and for asking price - we are listing it at what we consider to be a reasonable price, instead of trying to play games with counter offers etc etc). The market around here is picking up a bit, and Spring is traditionally a busy season for real estate. My fingers are crossed!

No pictures yet, but I will be at the house on Friday to clean (and await my new fridge), so I can get plenty of pictures. I think most of them will be "what were these people thinking????" kind of pics, but they will make great "Before" photos! LOL

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Paula said...

Congrats on the new house! How exciting! I'd recommend a cat for those mice (speaking as a woman who lives in an old farmhouse).

Good luck selling the old house and I hope you love your new home.