Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Busy Month

I know it's been a long time since I've updated here. Sorry about that. Some of it was because I was feeling a bit depressed for a while. I was looking forward to warmer spring weather, and a cold May didn't cut it for me. Also, the adrenaline from moving wore off and I was left with a lot more to do but a lot less energy. And of course, the Cold That Wouldn't End. Ugh. I'm suspecting that I may have some allergy issues here. I didn't consider that at first because I have never suffered allergies before.

Aside from all that, May is the end of our school year, so things get hectic for me there, too. A brief recap for May: Troyer and Noah attended the Pathfinder Fair, where all the groups around our Conference meet to compete in skill games, and also have some fun. I'll try to post a separate post about that. Next Troyer and Caleb have been taking Spanish classes for 6 weeks. I have to drive everyone about 20 miles each Tuesday to drop those two off for an hour. The rest of us hang out for the hour trying not to get too bored, then we all drive home again. Troyer really enjoyed the classes, at least. I took all of the boys to the zoo on Friday before Memorial Day. Instead of driving all the way in, we drove to a Metro station and took the train/subway. The boys loved that. We had a great day, and the weather was perfect; but whew, was I tired by the time we got back! At least when we park there, we start and end at the bottom of the hill. On the Metro, you start at the top. Ugh the walk back up at the end of the day is HARD! LOL The oldest 5 boys also went along on a field trip with the local Adventist school to tour the battlefields in Gettysburg. The weather finally had turned warm and sunny, so they had a good time on that trip as well. Add in 2 doctor's appointments and a dentist appt, plus school evaluations (read: grading Mom on how well she can gather all the year's papers etc and present them to the evaluator) AND dressing all of us up in church clothes on a non-church day so we can sit for a directory portrait, and Wheww! I'm glad to see the end of this month! Yeah!

One picture, though I have more to upload later: All the boys plus two of their friends who, along with their mom and dad, came along with us to the zoo:


I admit to some photoshopping on there, but it came out great!


Melanie said...

Cute picture! Yes, the end of the school year is always hectic!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun trip to the zoo! Hope you feel brighter soon Gretchen=)

Kristin said...

Very fun picture! It sounds like a lot going on. Just so you know, I didn't develop allergies until I was 35! It can happen anytime. It took forever for me to figure out what it was, I kept thinking I was getting colds. DOINK.