Monday, November 24, 2008

More Leaves!

I'm having fun with the videos. I think the photobucket upload came out the clearest. What do you think?

This one is another upload to Blogger:

Hmm now I have to learn how to edit the videos so I can cut out the end LOL It would have been better if I could cut off the part when Noah leaves for the bathroom!


ma said...

I think Bloggers is best.

With my chicken video I recorded it at a smaller size then YouTube stretched it. With the baby's video I recorded it at a bigger setting and YouTub shrunk it. The baby's came out much clearer.

Photobucket's seems clearer but I think its choppier. YouTube is less choppy but more fuzzy. Blogger's is smaller but clearer and less choppy.

I ended up updating my OS so I could buy Quicktime Pro just so I could edit my videos. I hope you find an easier solution lol.

Kim said...

Windows XP and after has Windows Movie Maker with it. That's what I've used to edit my videos.

Tell those boys to STOP eating!!! They're growing up way to fast...makes me feel old.

Kristin said...

Those are so fun, Gretchen and you little man is a DOLL. I think the Photobucket was the clearest, too. I can't get very good quality on Blogger, but it could be the video on my camera (I use my point-and-shoot for video.)