Friday, October 11, 2013

Cardmaking and Operation Write Home

Last spring my sister introduced me to the program Operation Write Home. This is a group who collects homemade blank cards to send overseas to deployed military so they can write home on nice cards without having to wait to shop for cards or write home on plain paper. I loved the idea, and the opportunity to use some creativity without having to be dictated by what I actually need or where to store them when I'm done was irresistible! I'm posting them here because there are lots of card sites that issue "challenges" to make cards according to a category or rule, and I wanted to be able to link to pictures of cards I made. Now you all get to see what I'm making too! :-) Here are the cards I made last weekend at the Hanover scrapbooking weekend:


Alxe Lu said...

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Amy Andrade said...

Hey, I thought you’d like to know I gave you & your blog a “Shout Out” on my Feature Friday post today. Thanks for being a follower of all things beautiful. Take care. Amy A.