Thursday, January 13, 2005

Another Nibble

Just after lunch the realtor called me again to set up another showing. They will be coming over tomorrow at 4. Yikes, I am not ready! I spent all day today racing around trying to do 8 things at once all while trying to keep the boys from messing it all back up again. I vacuumed, and decluttered a few more surfaces, swept the kitchen floor, wiped down the kitchen chairs, washed dishes, put dishes away, washed a few windows, threw in a load of wash since Micah peed on the bath rug getting into the tub today (oops! lol), and tried to get my hallway as clear as possible. There is another big load of boxes for storage now down in the "family room" (we have never called it that, but that is what it is listed as). Whoever walks through the house will just have to understand that we are packing! It should be gone on Sunday. I hope. Chris spent each evening, after getting home late, shampooing spots of various rugs. They look great, sure, but I would have appreciated his helping with the decluttering. Maybe get that big blue tarp off the deck. Maybe straighten up the basement a bit so people could get through it. Tonight he came home and cleaned off his dresser top (well, I'm sure he thinks it's clean) and his desk (again, same thing) and then sat down to do work he brought home. I have to take the boys to a homeschool meeting tomorrow morning at 10, we'll get home sometime after lunch, and have to go out again around 3:30. Not really a lot of time for me to get anything done but last minute stashing. So I've been running around like a crazy woman trying to make the place decent. Chris just sat there with the tv on doing his work. Bleh. And do you think I am getting any credit for what I got done today? Nope. Because, of course, it doesn't compare to all the painting he's done. And because now he'll have to take the boxes to storage. Double Bleh. I'd like to see him get anything at all done around this house with a baby stuck to his boob! I sure hope tomorrow will go ok and I won't be embarrassed.
Oh, and I forgot to say Happy Birthday! to Levi, who is 5 months old today!

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Mrs. Darling said...

I have no idea how you do it all! Good luck!