Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Realtor is Coming!

Yesterday I called the realtor and told her to come on over, we are finally ready to sign the papers! She will be here this afternoon. We still have a bunch of clutter to hide, and some final scrubbing, like the tub and the kitchen floor, but mostly we are done. She said that the couple who was interested in the fall are still waiting for our house, and that we should have no problem getting the price we want. Yeah!

I found a picture of my kitchen from before we put in the new sink and counter, so I wanted to post before and after pictures for you to see:

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Also, I have some pictures from our Christmas trip:

The Boys in the Van Driving to Grandma's

The Christmas Bush (and yes, that's how it looked on Christmas Day, no ornaments and unlit)
And finally, I took some pics of the boys today. I took Troyer in to have his portrait redone, since the one he did in December came out blurry and I had to return it. It was another pita, so I decided then that I will just do a digital pic of them all and make prints to send out for Christmas cards. Today we did practice shots, since Levi was napping. I took a few of Levi then, when he woke up.

5 of the Boys


Here is Levi trying to see what the boys have to play with. I had put him down in the middle of the floor, and he scooted himself over to the side with the bins of cars, lol. He did officially roll over from front to back 2 days ago, and he did again yesterday, but he hasn't rolled today.

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Chris said...

Oh my goodness, your comment on my blog made me laugh. I have long suspected that it was only a handful of people obsessively checking my blog ;-)

So glad for you that the painting is done and you are ready to sell and move on. Can't wait to hear about your house hunting adventures.

How did Levi get so big so fast?!?! Stop feeding him already ;-)