Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Second Verse Same As The First

A Little Bit Louder, And A Little Bit Worse

More bickering, more school work hysterics, only today included tooth marks in someone's arm and bloodshed (surprisingly not by my hand lol) and to top it off, because God needed a good laugh today, at 6 pm I discovered we are out of heating oil, and so have no heat tonight. We just had 200 gallons delivered less than 6 weeks ago, I have no idea where all that oil went. We suspect that maybe someone came and siphoned out some of our oil. Brrrr.


Paula said...

Hope things improve soon! You're not a bad mom, it's important that the kids see that you lose it sometimes, too. And the whole moving thing is so stressful. Ugh! Hang in there.

Chris said...

200 gallons SIX WEEKS AGO?!?!?

If it makes you feel better, we have been going through that every week here. Told you that you don't want a big old house LOL

Everyone will feel better once you have moved and the stress level tapers off.

Lisa said...

Sorry! I say bag the schoolwork, or maybe just bag up the kids. I hope the stress level goes down soon.