Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Another Offer Submitted

We decided to go for the gold house. Really the only things wrong with it are the color (it is vinyl siding, so not that easy to paint) and the very small back yard. These are things I can live with, but Chris is very disappointed about the yard. He says it is not even big enough to put in a garden. I disagree, I think he could take the sunny corner and do very well; besides that, he can put some energy into doing flowers and other landscaping (maybe detract from the siding color LOL). It is also just around the corner from the community center, so he can just come home and take the boys down the street and play ball or whatever (hmm, a win-win for both of us there!) So the offer goes in today, cross your fingers!

Levi's 2 top teeth have come in, so now he's up to 4. He likes to use them, too. Ouch! He has gotten much more hungry lately too, and has been trying to eat me, so I decided to finally go out and get him his own food. Last night he had his first official dinner, a bowl of baby rice cereal mixed with applesauce. He's been getting tastes of mashed potatoes and yogurt for a week or two, but last night was the first real meal he's had. He was a pig and ate it all! This morning he was begging for more for breakfast. I am not used to the baby getting so excited for food so quickly. With the others it took a few weeks for them to get used to the texture and the process of moving food to the back of their mouths to swallow. I guess the good thing about this is that he should move out of baby food pretty quickly to finger foods, and I will not have to spend so much on Gerber foods :-)

We were supposed to have a big snow storm on Sunday night; the snow didn't start until Monday and most of it fell Monday night. Even so, we only got half of what they originally predicted. I am glad, I want Spring! Snow is pretty, as long as it melts off the roads quickly, lol. I sure hope there is no snow at the end of the month, when we are loading up the moving truck!

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