Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Happy Magna Carta Day! (A Week Late)

Last Wednesday, June 15, was my Dad's birthday. He is 67. I had a friend who was born on June 14, Flag Day, who used to taunt my dad about having his own holiday. My dad was a bit disappointed that he missed the holiday by one day, and then he found out he had his own holiday after all. Ever since, he has never failed to remind us, each year, of this important day.

This year my dad was down in Florida by himself. Well, not technically alone, because he had dinner with his girlfriend. All of his daughters are known for being slow with the mail, though we usually try to get a card within the week it is called for. I mailed out his card on Monday, so I figured it might be a day or two late. I did, however, call him to wish him Happy Birthday, and we had a nice chat. He was just on his way out the door to dinner. I told him that Troyer had made him a very nice card, but had only done it the day before, so it would be late. He told me don't bother to mail it out, since he would be leaving soon for his trip (he is driving up to Hershey for the Porsche Parade) and he wouldn't get it until he got home again. He will be stopping in at our house on the way home, so he said he'd just get it then. That was fine with me, I wasn't sure I could unearth an envelope anyway. Well, on Thursday he emailed all 3 of us girls to whine about not getting any cards. What the heck? I know for a fact that he had arranged with my older sister to wait until he saw her (he is stopping at her house on the way TO the Parade) to do the birthday thing. And I called ON his birthday! What the heck was he crying about? He tried a big guilt trip, invoked the name of our mother (said he was taking on her cause, since she always hated late cards - not that we daughters remember it that way), and then issued threats about withholding cards for future birthdays if his were late. Ugh ugh ugh. What a baby. I wish he would have waited until after his visit to do that. Now I'm not looking forward to it quite so much.

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