Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Feeling Guilty

I know, I know, it's been a long time since I updated. Well, not much is going on here besides trying to kick this darn cold out of the house (Levi is doing great after his round of meds, but Micah and I are still suffering, and Chris isn't fully recovered yet either) and washing size 3T underpants. Ugh. Potty training is NOT going well.

So, to assuage my guilt, I am posting some pictures I took today, to show you what is going on in our house:

3 of the 4 Computer Addicts; this is the first place they run once schoolwork is finished:
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I will admit, it works well as an incentive to get their work done.

Here is what Caleb was busy with today:
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He ended up making a pretty cool scene with several buildings and sidewalks. Samuel also had a good building up yesterday, but obviously it had to be pilfered to create the new one. Troyer is still working on his last page of schoolwork. He spent too long this morning sketching robots in his sketch book.

And here is our baby:
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Just the cutest thing ever! Ok, maybe I am a little biased ;-)

If I could figure out how to post links here, (I know, it's not that hard, I'm just too lazy to figure it out!) I would direct you to a neat website I found today. It is called "It's Good To Be The Queen" and is a site for moms with houses filled with boys. A girl here or there is allowed, but it is about being surrounded by testosterone and all that entails! I thought it was funny, since long ago my boys crowned me "Good Queen Mommy" LOL


Lori Ann said...

Hee, hee. Around my house I am known as the Queen Bee. I only have 3 boys and a husband! They even found a magnet with this on it.
I am also potty training our almost 3 yo. (I had forgot how frustrating it can be, my oldest is 13.)
Love your posts

SOSOY said...

Speaking of potty training, is that Micah's cute little fanny over in the corner of the picture of Caleb's creation??? Hee hee! Where are his pants? In the wash AGAIN???