Friday, November 04, 2005

Sorry for the Break

Last week Troyer got a belated birthday present from his aunt, a Robots DVD plus a Robots joke book and story book. All week I've been hearing jokes out of the book. I don't think it fair to post someone else's jokes, but yesterday he came up with another one of his own, so here it is:

Q: Why did the idiot go to the basement to go shopping?

A: Because someone told him the cellar was down there!

We have watched the movie several times, but we have also had something else new to watch. A few weeks ago we signed up for Netflix, for a free trial. We don't usually watch a lot of movies here, other than the kids' stuff we own. Some of it is the cost, more of it is the limited selection at the video store, but mostly it is the hassle of having to go out twice, once to rent and once to return. Netflix had a huge selection, and no due back date, free postage (the movies come in the mail, and you return them in a postage paid envelope) and a monthly fee for unlimited rentals, so we decided to try it. So far we love it! The first week we rented the first season of MacGyver. I have to say both Chris and I didn't remember it being quite so corny, but boy was he hot (ok, Chris doesn't remember that part either LOL). The boys loved all the stunts. I like to say it's kind of a cross between Indiana Jones and Bill Nye the Science Guy LOL

This week, after sending MacGyver back, we got Count Duckula! Chris used to watch this cartoon after his classes in the afternoon when he was at college. When he found out we could rent it, he got very excited. Of course the boys were game for any sort of cartoon. They have watched about half of the episodes and they love it! They were laughing their heads off yesterday. Chris is seriously considering buying the DVD for Christmas.

We have had great weather here this week. I can't believe how warm it is, and it's November already! Today it is supposed to be in the low 70s, wow! I am sooo glad we moved, lol. Back where we used to live, they had 4 inches of snow the week before Halloween Bwaaahaaahaaahaaa.

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