Saturday, February 18, 2006


I know it's late, but hey, I have been lazy, er busy LOL

Last weekend, Chris and I arranged to have a weekend to ourselves. We sent ALL the kids (yes, even the baby!) a county away, split between MIL and SIL. We had 48 hours all to ourselves. We had originally planned to attend a marriage retreat sponsored by our church, but we were too slow to register and it filled up before we got around to it. But actually, being home w/o kids is almost (or actually?) better. Yes, we did have to cook rather than eating at restaurants, but other than that, it was just like being in a huge suite. We got videos, we planned food that we ordinarily wouldn't try with kids around (darn picky eaters!), we slept in and stayed up late, and could leave food and drink sitting by the tv without worry of it getting spilled or eaten. We talked a lot without being interrupted, ate without being interrupted, took showers without being interrupted (appreciated more by myself than Chris, since he's usually in and out of the shower before any of them wake up).

Also, on Friday, the start of our weekend, Chris came home from work with a bag of valentine candy, and a bouquet of peach colored roses. This was special to me, because he hates the idea of cut flowers which will just die in a few days; he'd rather get me a potted plant that I have to, er can water every week and enjoy the withered brown, er blooms over and over. Personally, potted plants are a burden to me because I am forever not getting around to them in time and they wilt, then I have to coddle them back to life, then they wilt. I rarely get any more blooms on them once the original ones fall off. I like the ease of enjoying the bouquet and then getting to throw them out when they are done. Considerately, Chris acknowledged my preference, and the roses he got were beautiful.

Image hosting by Photobucket
The last remaining bloom
Points to anyone who can recognize the glass it's in!

The only snag was the snow. We had planned to go out to eat both Friday and Saturday night, since I never never never get to go out to a sit down and order from a menu and have my meal brought to me by someone else and have the plates taken away rather than have to carry the tray to the trash can restaurant. But alas, when we got to MIL's to drop off the kids, she had ordered pizza and guilted us into staying to eat, so Friday night was out. Then Saturday the snow came. It started about 4, and we had planned to go out about 6 or 7. Well, by then we didn't want to risk going out and then getting stuck trying to get home at 8 or 9. Chris came through, though, and cooked up some chicken quesadillas which turned out pretty yummy, and were very filling. Then on Sunday morning we didn't really get to sleep in as we would have liked, because we had to go out and shovel so we could leave in the afternoon to pick up the kids. So overall, it would have been better without the snow, but it still turned out pretty nice. We definitely need to do it again - maybe in September for our anniversary.


Heth said...

Oh, it sounds wonderful Gretchen! Glad to hear you two got some time alone.

Chris said...

Sounds fabulous, even with the snow.

Michelle said...

I know the glass...Scott Hamilton ice scating...Mom would be loving the Winter Olympics right about now.


Melanie said...

Sounds so nice! The rose is beautful! I'm sure the whole bouquet was gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend. I would never be able to get dh to just enjoy. He would figure no kids means more time for work, yuck!

Gretchen said...

Woo Hoo Michelle! 10 points to you! Of course, you've kind of cheated, since it WAS Mom's glass, and you've seen it before, LOL

Poor Kristi Yamaguchi took a Tonya Harding when one of the boys knocked her into the sink, and she has now retired from the skating glass arena :-(