Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Roll Call

Rachel, I think it's kind of rare to find "our" name spelled with an 'a;' it is almost always misspelled, though, perhaps due to a famous actor's spelling? Anyway, congrats on your upcoming #3! Here are our boys' names, to give you inspiration:

Troyer Christian
Noah Jonathan
Samuel Jeremiah
Caleb Josiah
Micah Joel
Levi Benjamin

Troyer is my maiden name, and we had fought over names up until Chris offered it up as a joke to me; but the joke was on him, I liked the idea! LOL We used Christian instead of Christopher because he didn't want a namesake.

All the other names came out of the Bible, and we tried to use names that were not too common (Chris hated having 6 other kids in his class with the same name, some of whom were girls lol)

Some names I liked but got voted down: Tobias, Matthew, Andrew, Timothy, Peter
Some names I knew we could not use, with our last name: Hannah (how's that for almost hyperventilating, LOL); Heather actually isn't as bad but again, we nixed the alliteration.

By the way, when I have to give people my name (over the phone or to receptionists) they often mistake it for Rachel, and Rachel is the alternate name we have had in reserve since #1, for when we got a girl!

Good luck and best wishes on your coming new addition! Let me know what you ended up choosing!

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