Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Tree is Up!

Ok, we got the tree out of the attic on Sunday, I put it up on Tuesday, and we only just finished decorating it this morning. So we work slow. But it's up! It comes pre-lit, so no fussing with light strings, but I put the garland and the angel on, then last night let the kids go to town on the ornaments. Trust me, no one will ever pay them for their decorating skill. This morning I came out and spread the ornaments more evenly over the tree. Almost all of them were hung in one spot dead center on the tree, and many were hanging either from the garland or from another ornament, rather than from a branch. As a last touch, I hung the breakable ornaments, hopefully high enough to last the season. We only had one casualty this year, and it was broken when I pulled it from the box. I think it got crushed when Levi tried to walk across the boxes. Oops.

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Of course, once the camera came out, Levi had to have his picture taken. And since it's really hard to get a bad picture of him, of course it's good enough to post here. Can you see what he was watching on tv when I got out the camera?

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