Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Not in the Mood

To blog, that is. I'm not sure why, I have been cruising all my favorite blogs the last few weeks (and getting irked that they are not updated often enough! LOL) but I just feel like I don't have anything interesting to blog myself. Sorry to leave you all hanging.

Christmas was great, but I'm glad it's over. Not so much pressure to get everything done. In fact, I only baked half of the cookies I had planned. The cards did get out, and the presents got bought and wrapped. The boys had a great time, we mostly did a Lego and DVD Christmas this year. I did get my new digital camera, but since I had to play so much with it to learn how to use it, I didn't really get very good pictures of Christmas to post here.

We took a quick last-minute trip back to our old town to see old friends and go to our old church. We all had a great time seeing everyone. It was a long drive though (at least for a pregnant woman!) and my ankles were pretty swollen when I got home. Chris had 2 whole weeks off of work, and it was wonderful having him around. It was good for the boys, but it was really good for me too. I need more adult contact during the week! LOL

We started back to school and Chris back to work last Tuesday, ick, but somehow it's not so bad as it seemed before the holidays. We've got a lot of our Christmas stuff put away already, but the tree is still up (the benefits of a fake tree!). Levi still asks me everyday to turn the lights on. I think he will miss it a lot when it comes down. My plan is to have it down this weekend.

Pregnancy is going well. I just had an appt yesterday, and the doctor was pleased with how I am doing and how the baby is growing. Only 6 weeks left! Holy Cow, where has the time gone? I am sooo not ready yet. All the baby stuff is still in the attic waiting to be retrieved and cleaned, and in the case of the car seat, installed. And of course, we still have no name picked out yet. Last night was one more in a long string of fruitless discussions, nothing new to even consider. Sigh.

The weather is finally turning colder. I can't tell you how often the boys have complained about how warm it's been, and how can we have snow if it doesn't get cold? I, of course, am more than happy that it's been so warm! Snow only means I have to drive in it, or that I'm stuck in the house because there's too much to drive in. But I do get lots of cute pictures of the boys playing in it. ;-) Let's just hope we don't get a big snowfall in the second half of February! I need to be able to get to the hospital and back home again!


Candace said...

I have watching your blog for some time now...I don't know how you do it with all boys! Coincidentally, we are due the same day (I am expecting my 2nd set of twins). Just thought I'd introduce myself and offer my congratulations on another boy!!

Jody said...

I can't believe how fast your pregnancy is going!

Sounds like you had a nice, quiet, Christmas. The best kind!