Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Levi is 3!

Levi turned 3 years old on Monday. We did the cake and presents thing, even though Noah is not here. He is over at Grandma's for the week. I asked him if he minded missing out, and he said no; I guess he figures a 3 yo can't get anything too super-cool and not-to-be-missed LOL.

It was hot here again this week, so Levi chose to revisit the clothing he was born in, that is to say, none. He is potty training, so his tendency is to neglect putting pants back on once they are off. He did get into a diaper finally, so at least I could take pictures ;-)

Troyer baked the cake, a red velvet cake, and frosted it, and I did the words and sprinkles.

birthday cake

can't. quite. blow. hard. enough.

Woohoo  Thomas!

Woohoo More Thomas!
This present has been a big hit with all the boys. It is a plug-and-play tv video game. It is challenging enough that they all enjoy playing it. Unfortunately that means they all fight over getting a turn, LOL.


Melanie said...

Happy belated birthday, Levi!

Leeann said...

Happy birthday, Levi!

Nunnie's Attic said...

Oh my goodness, 7 boys! I think 3 is enough (and by that I'm including my husband, LOL) Too much testosterone. How do you not pull out your hair?? Congratulations on your newest bundle and Happy belated Birthday, Levi!