Friday, August 03, 2007

Samuel's Birthday

Samuel's birthday was last month, but it was while Troyer was away at camp, so he decided to wait until the next week to celebrate so Troyer wouldn't miss it. Samuel doesn't like bakery cakes, so he chose a flavor of cake mix and he made his own. He really wanted orange cake, but I couldn't find it. He settled for a confetti cake with sprinkles on the icing. He made the cake, and I decorated it. He was very happy with how it came out.

Samuel made it himself!

blowing out the candles

He was very happy with all his presents, mostly TMNT and Legos. He also got a book on Dalmations, which he loves. It is a book on how to care for them, and as he is not a big reader, I thought he'd just like to look at the pictures; but he is actually reading it at night before bed!

I thought it was funny when he opened this gift from his dad and got so excited:

Mmmm  candy!

Woohoo! Candy! LOL

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Leeann said...

Happy belated birthday, Samuel!
Hope it was a great one. Your cake looks delish!