Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Cards, Round 2

Ok, we tried it again tonight. I used a slightly different camera, and played around with settings a lot. I didn't really find any settings I liked. Basically, flash indoors = evil; no flash indoors = grainy and/or blurry LOL. I think I should have given up on the white t-shirts. They threw the lighting off too much. But in the end, this is what I have:

2007 card 2

I didn't have to cut and paste this time, I only adjusted for red-eye. Pretty impressive, huh? lol To make up for that, though, I spent *forever* playing with photoshop, adjusting the brightness and color. Ugh.

I like both of the pictures about equally, for different reasons; so I just put copies of each in the cards. I guess people will think I'm egotistical for thinking they want 2 pictures of my kids LOL.


Anonymous said...

Round 2 is a great picture! I think you should consider using it to replace the picture of only 6 boys at your profile description area.

Gorgeous family!

c@twinsagain said...

I love your Round 2 photo. Great job! You have very handsome young men!

SOSOY said...

Both pics are good; we are just using school pictures for the priviledged few this year. I think I do like this one better, tho. Maybe try to get matching red or green ts next summer in anticipation for the Christmas picture?


Melanie said...

I love both of the pictures, but especially round 1. You've got such handsome little men!

Kristin said...

Great pictures both! And great job of getting one where they are all looking at the camera.