Friday, December 07, 2007


We got our first accumulating snow fall on Wednesday. The boys couldn't wait to go out in it. Unfortunately, we were short one pair of snow pants, so Samuel couldn't go out. It turns out that he and Caleb are wearing the same size, but I only had one pair in each size. He got to have his turn in the snow yesterday while Caleb stayed inside. I did go out last night and buy a second pair, so next time he won't have to wait.




Noah too


Melanie said...

Just look at those happy grins!!!

Kristin said...

We are enjoying a white Christmas season here, too! The last few seasons were so mild, that I had to scramble to dig out snowpants and boots, too. Thankfully we had just enough. Fun pictures!

SOSOY said...

Ah, you had your camera out for the moment! Katie was of course eager to go make snow angels, but I didn't get a chance to take any pics. I was busy putting up our outside decorations! I hope there will be pics up on my site soon, but I know better than to make any promises.


SOSOY said...

PS. Tell Noah he's looking more and more like Troyer every day!! With the hat on, I almost couldn't tell which one he was - then I realized they were *outside* ! lol