Wednesday, January 02, 2008

12 Days of Christmas, Construction Paper Style

I was asked to show a closer view of my 12 Days of Christmas cutouts. My sister and I started these in high school, as a locker decorating project. We never did get them finished before we graduated, but I finished them in college. They are made from cutting out pieces of construction paper in different colors, kind of like quilting but with paper and glue instead of fabric and thread. I drew up a picture, then cut it into pieces for each color, traced it onto the construction paper, cut them out, and glued them onto the background square. Our inspiration was a holiday ad for some sort of liquor like Bailey's or something. I did adapt the images, and I am most proud of my pipers and my drummers.

On the first day of Christmas:
A Partridge in a Pear Tree

On the second day of Christmas:
2 Turtledoves

On the third day of Christmas:
3 French Hens

On the fourth day of Christmas:
4 Calling Birds

On the fifth day of Christmas:
5 Gold Rings

On the sixth day of Christmas:
6 Geese a-Laying

On the seventh day of Christmas:
7 Swans a-Swimming

On the eighth day of Christmas:
8 Maids a-Milking

On the ninth day of Christmas:
9 Ladies Dancing

On the tenth day of Christmas:
10 Lords a-Leaping

On the eleventh day of Christmas:
11 Pipers Piping

On the twelfth day of Christmas:
12 Drummers Drumming


Melanie said...

Those are great! I love the intracacy in the last few! Well done!

Samantha Wright said...

Love these! Did you draw the templates yourself? Id love to make a cards like this!