Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Belated Merry Christmas (to us!)

My dad sent a check to help us upgrade our sad little 19" tv. When he was here to visit at Thanksgiving, and saw what we were watching, I think he cried a little for us LOL. We had already been thinking of getting something bigger, but we hadn't really decided on what we wanted. The cabinet we had would not hold anything that much bigger than the one we had. In the end, we decided on a 32" LCD tv, so then we had to get a new cabinet too. So shopping for a new tv, and a new cabinet to put it in, took us a while. It was a lot of money, even with a generous dad/father-in-law/grandpa, and we wanted to be careful how we spent it. Both the tv and the cabinet ended up being on sale. I think we did ok, though obviously we have room in the new cabinet to upgrade again LOL. We only just got it all hooked up and plugged in tonight, so I can't review the tv yet; I hope all the excitement and anticipation was worth it!

tv and cabinet


Jody said...

Merry Christmas!

Love the new TV and cabinet!

Dot said...