Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Things Are Crazy (and Dirty)

Wow, I thought I would have had time to post some pictures by now, but we've run into some issues that are taking a while to correct. Biggest on the list is the hot water. We noticed last Sunday that there didn't seem to be any hot water, but the inspection report said the heater was working, so we weren't too concerned. We figured it had to be turned up or something easy like that. No such luck. You see, we have a solar heated system, so usually the water is heated that way and stored in the tank. I had to call in a repairman to look at the system to see why it wasn't working. First off, the computer on the controls was bad and needs to be replaced. Next, there is a back up for the solar, that is the boiler (furnace). The repairman tried to turn off the bypass from the solar so the water would go through the boiler, but it killed the water pressure. It took him 2 more hours to figure out that all the valves were clogged with iron deposits. As in, clogged completely shut. Well, that explained no hot water. So, after replacing several valves and such, he got the water working, but told us the tank was shot and needs to be replaced. Cost for a solar hot water tank? About twice the cost of a nice electric heater from Lowe's. Ugh.

Now, since the heater was ruined by our hard water, we decided to have the water tested and get some figures for installing filters and softeners. After all, we don't want to get a new tank just to have that ruined too. Last night we had a rep from Rain Soft come in and do tests on the water at the kitchen sink. Of course, our water is bad. Bad. BAD. Highly acidic, which is why the copper pipes are leaching copper into the water. Full of iron, which is clogging everything. Luckily we have a UV light to kill bacteria, so he didn't have to pitch one of those to us; but on the opposite side we have high nitrates. Were you keeping track? That's three systems/filters we need installed. Like, immediately. It will cost money we do. not. have. Ack! We explained to him our situation, about how we haven't sold our old house yet, and all our cash is tied up in that right now. Once we sell, we will be able to do repairs. But that could take months, or more if we are particularly unlucky. He did take pity on us, and offered us a super super deal on financing, and included all installation and any parts that may need to be replaced once they start taking everything apart to install it. Considering how the water tank went, that could be considerable. We are leaning towards taking the deal. Oh, he also said he could have it done within 2 days of signing a contract, so it could be as soon as next week. That's how sorry he felt for us, since we have small kids drinking this water. We have Culligan coming in tonight to see what they have to offer. I'm betting they will have a hard time beating last night's offer though.

So, in light of the water issues, the mice pale in comparison. After all, they are keeping to just one cabinet, and I don't even have food in them. I've been putting poison in there, but I know there are too many to kill off that way. I put a trap there too, right where I can see the opening, and it gets set off twice a night, but it hasn't caught them yet. Smart little buggers. A cat is moving higher up the priority list.


Anonymous said...

Put a cat to the TOP of your priority list! You don't want smelly dead mice in your walls!

ia jen said...

We had some of those sneaky mice too. They would manage to trip the darn thing and then eat the peanut butter. Your best bet, is to put a couple of traps in there. That way, if it trip one, it may get caught in the other ones on its trip out? And I still say...keep the poison out. It will smell for awhile, but deordorizing the air for a few days is a lot less work than emptying traps for months.

Good luck with the water. Its a pain in the butt when those things go bad. We had rusty water at our old place. Everything had a yellowish tinge when I did laundry. Ugh!

Hope the nibble becomes a bite on your old house!

Melanie said...

Oh, no!

Anonymous said...

Re: cats

Some cats are better mousers than others. The Maine Coon is a particularly good breed for mice - and very friendly too.

Re: House

Uh... didn't this house get inspected before you bought it? How did the home inspector miss these problem?