Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Holiday Fun

Last weekend, for the Labor Day holiday, Chris' parents had the family over for a picnic. It was on Sunday, because that fit in better with everyone's work schedules. The weather was beautiful, and the food was good. There were a lot of family there that we haven't seen all summer, so it was nice to get together. I was busy talking, so didn't get too many pictures, but after dinner, Chris and the boys played a game of whiffle ball in the yard.

If you see a little one in a skirt, she's not mine (sigh). She is the daughter of Chris' cousin. She has the most adorable curly red hair (double sigh).




Noah helped Jacob swing at a few pitches, and once he got a hold of the bat he wouldn't let it go! The game pretty much was over then lol.

Don't let the grins fool you, these two spend more time in a day fighting than getting along. But what great smiles!


SOSOY said...

Wow, it almost looks like your family is *athletic*!!! lol lol lol lol lol

Sorry, can't help giggling!

Awesome pics of the boys, as usual!!!

Kristin said...

I hear the sighs over that little girl, but your boys are awfully cute!

haffnewie said...

I used to *sigh* like that too.. over a little girl... until I have witnessed what my friends with girls are going through. Ugg. I am so grateful to have boys!! Yes... they give us challenges... but geez... at least they are not as emotional (usually) as the girls! :0)
I prayed for a girl with my last one... but told God that I wanted one only if I could handle it... I guess I couldn't!!