Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spirit of America

This weekend I drove down to Michelle's and brought Micah with me. We came down because Michelle and Jenny had gotten tickets to see Spirit of America , which is a musical show put on by the US Army. It includes performances by The Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, the precision drill team, and the US Army band and the Army Orchestra. It is a review of the progression and growth of the armed forces from the Revolutionary War up to today. Most of it is music but there are narrated parts where men in costume and period uniforms act out short skits. There are fired rifles and cannons, and horses racing across the stage. It was all very impressive, and super fun! Of course, my favorite part was The Old Guard.

Here is a short clip of part of the performance; my batteries were running low, and I also wanted to watch the show live, rather than through my camera's view screen! I'm hoping I'll be able to buy a DVD of the whole show.

I have more pictures to post, as well as pictures from the rest of the visit. We went out on Michelle and Gary's boat, and went up the Potomac River to Georgetown, where we docked and had lunch. Micah loved the boat ride!

After the show on Saturday, Michelle and I found an old friend, and caught up on old times with him. He was in the MCM with us, and after high school went on to join the Old Guard himself. He retired from the Guard a few years ago. We had hoped he might be there, but weren't sure if he had gotten tickets or not. It was fun to talk Drum Corps with someone else!

Hopefully I'll be able to upload the rest of the pictures soon!


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Kristin said...

Oh, Gretchen, that is SO cool -- TOTALLY up my ally. And they are coming to RI next weekend!! I am going to talk to DH about going. Thanks for sharing.

SOSOY said...


yeah, that looks awesome! Wish *I* could have been there, but no one invited ME......

Seriously, though, it sure does bring back lots of great memories and stirs up my pride!

You didn't tell me about the horses on stage! btw, why can I hear trumpets? Do they include them now with the F&D, or was that just for the show?