Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Pictures

First, the rest of the pictures from my trip to Virginia and DC:

Some stills from the Spirit of America show:

I used to dress like this and march like this and play fife like this! Only I was 13 LOL

Here I am with one of the fifers during intermission. There were several of the musicians out in the lobby offering to stand for pictures. They were all very friendly!

On Saturday afternoon, Michelle and Gary took us out on their boat and we went to Georgetown via the Potomac! It was Micah's first time on a boat, and he loved it!


Parking for lunch at Georgetown!

Micah and Jenny

We sailed (do you "sail" on a boat with a motor?) past the Lincoln Memorial, and I got a shot of the Washington Monument behind it!

For Labor Day weekend, we had a picnic at our house. It went great, phew. I don't do a lot of entertaining at my house LOL.

Noah made his own cake for his birthday this year, and we served it at the picnic. Can you tell what it is supposed to be?
Happy 13th Birthday Noah!

At the beginning of the month, 6 of the boys started up again with Adventurers and Pathfinders. Troyer didn't want to be a Pathfinder this year, so he volunteered to be an assistant leader/teacher for Adventurers instead. The jury is out on how that is going to work out LOL It is Levi's first year. He wasn't so sure about the uniform idea.
Don't they look awesome in uniform?

A few weeks ago we had this beautiful sunset, so I snapped a picture of it:

Jacob loves going down to the barn to terrorize visit the cats. He likes the boots because he can put them on himself. He looks like a real farmer boy!

Today Troyer turns 15 years old. He's a pretty darn good kid. I think we've got it easy for our first go-around with this teen thing. It's nice to ease into it LOL. I'm sure we'll get our money's worth out of some of the next few...


A Troyer in his natural habitat (Muppet reference intentional!):


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Troyer.

SOSOY said...

Lots to comment on! 1st, LOL at the "but I was 13" comment!

Micah looks like he's loving the boat ride! How cool that you "docked" for lunch! And when we're in Canada, we just say we're "driving" the boat, or we "cruised" past something.

I thought you'd have more pics of Labor Day, but I guess you were busy. I love Noah's cake. Of course we can tell what it is!!!

I love the pics of your Pathfinders. Maybe if you made them wear the uniforms for school they'd behave better???? yeah, right!

Jacob is a cutie in his boots. Who is that in the barn? And what does he have all over him?

and last but not least,

Gretchen said...

Aimee, that is Levi in the doorway, wearing only his shorts and I'm not sure what LOL.