Thursday, February 10, 2005

Back to the Start

Well, my agent just called to tell me how our offer went. He says the listing agent told him that he just got a similar offer to ours, and the seller countered with a pretty high number; he said his buyer wasn't going to take that counter offer either, but that his buyer didn't request inspections. I have no idea how you can buy a house these days without any inspections unless you are paying cash, but I know for sure my mortgage company won't approve a loan without them.
So I guess we're back to the beginning. Waaaahhh. In my mind I was already moving in.


Paula said...

Bummer! Very disappointing. Try to have faith that the right house will come along for you.

WHen do you have to be out of your house? And do you have somewhere to go if you haven't found a house or closed on it yet?

Lisa said...

Sorry it didn't work out! Maybe it means the "perfect" house is around the corner. Beyond frustrating though!