Monday, February 28, 2005

14 Houses, No Home

Yesterday we saw 14 houses. After running out of homes that met our criteria, we lowered our standards and looked at homes that we could at least afford. Here is what we found:

1. too small. very nice, but not enough room for the boys, nevermind all their stuff.
2. Harvest Gold - need I say more? (that's the color of the house, not the appliances!)
3. couldn't get in, the combo on the lock box was wrong
4. too small
5. off the market
6. busy street, we had a really hard time backing out of the driveway
7. too small, plus the breaker box was messed up, probably wouldn't pass inspection
8. off the market
9. too small
10. too expensive. I hadn't gotten the tax info on it before we went out there, but we stood in the driveway looking at the sheet and it was way too high. otherwise a very nice house
11. too small
12. busy street
13. too small
14. waaaaay too much work needed. Apparently the guy who lived there had a temper and took it out on the house.

So in the end, it looks like #2 is our only option. It is a bi-level/split foyer/raised ranch (depends on where you are from what you call it, apparently). It has 4 brm and 2 baths, a nice family room, the back yard is totally fenced in (though it is really small), comes with appliances, has a garage, and is in a quiet neighborhood. Plus it is close to shopping and the library, and not too far from where Chris will work. It is also in our price range. It doesn't need any work done, other than paint, and that is only because I don't like the colors in there, not because it is bad; so I think that we could save up some money while we are there and hope to move on in a few years to something with a bigger yard. I sure hope so anyway; my sister bought a house with the intention of moving on and she is still there. So if we go for this house, I will have to overcome my aversion to Harvest Gold, LOL.


Anonymous said...

If paint is the only issue, I'd say buy it! Heck, a painting a house is the easiest way to make it look different with not much cost.

Lisa said...

I hear those '70's colors are coming back! LOL I'm glad you found something. Save and move on when the pressure to get a house isn't so huge.