Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Happy Birthday Micah!

Friday was Micah's birthday. He is 3 years old now. We all came down with the flu last week, so the party I had hoped for didn't happen, but I did run out and get pizza and ice cream and a cake, and he opened a few presents, plus he got a few cards in the mail. Being only 3, he was plenty happy with that!

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Poor Micah is not so happy with being in a new house. Everytime we get ready to go out in the van, or even talk about going out, he says "I want to go home!" I have assumed he wasn't using the right words, since he is still confusing "in" and "out" and "open" and "closed" sometimes, but on Sunday Chris found out that he really does mean "home." He thought we were just here visiting, and now he is ready to go home, back to our old house. We felt sooo bad when we realized that. The other boys aren't all that happy here yet either. They miss their friends, and it's hard for them to be learning the new rules that come from a new house with a different floor plan. It's doubly hard for me, since there are so many things I am disappointed with. I am trying to keep in mind all the things that are better here, and pass that positive outlook on, but it's difficult.

The stress of the move is still evident in all of our moods. I am very short tempered, no matter how hard I try to be patient and forgiving. The boys are all bickering constantly, and no one wants to do school (not even me!). S0 much needs to be unpacked, but I just can't figure out where it should go. Some things I just can't find, like the baby nail clippers. Levi has scratched his face so many times because I can't get his nails short enough. And we are short on pencils, because I can't find the box of extras. Ugh. I need some peace and quiet, but each time I try to sneak away for a few minutes, Chris comes home and finds me hiding, and starts bugging me about how much we have to do, and why don't I have the boys do it for me? Well, of course because that means I have to figure out what there is that they can do, then instruct them on how to do it, and the supervise them to make sure they do it, and then re-do it anyway so it's done right. If I don't have time to do it myself, how can I have 4x as much time for them to do it??? Argh.

Well, anyway. Life could be worse. My sister had her day planner stolen out of her car overnight, right in her driveway. Years of phone numbers and addresses and months of appointments and school schedules, plus she kept lists of her kids' baby milestones in it. All of it is gone. I cry for her, I can't believe anyone would take it. She didn't have anything valuable in it, nor did she have any critical information like credit cards or passwords or bank account numbers. She didn't even have her last name in it anywhere; so no one could use the information in it, unless they could decipher the initials, which I doubt. So someone took it, and then just dumped it somewhere. What a waste. So my life isn't *that* bad, LOL.

I got my hair cut a few weeks ago. Since Levi was about 4 months old, my hair has been getting really thin, thinner than the usual post-partum fall out, and I am really concerned about it. I should go to a doctor and find out if it is thyroid related or something. But of course we have moved, so I don't have a doctor yet, and I just don't have time to find one right now. Meanwhile, I decided it would be good to cut it shorter so I don't have to have it back in a barrette all the time, to get the weight off of it, and see if that helps. Of course the over zealous girl at the salon cut it shorter than I asked, so now it's shorter than I have had it since I was in high school. It is such a change for me, I have always had long hair. The longest it has been is to the backs of my knees when I was pregnant with #1, then for a long time it was to my waist; last year I cut it mid-back; and now it barely brushes the tops of my shoulders. I think it looks pretty good, but it's freaking Chris out; he keeps thinking I look like my sister. She has always had shorter hair than me. The funny part is, she has been growing hers out, so for the first time ever, she has longer hair than me.

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Levi and Mom

I will try to post some pictures eventually, but it is hard to find time right now to take them, edit them, upload them, and then blog them.


Lisa said...

I think your hair looks very cute!

Chris said...

Oh I love the hair! Mine is about that short now also.

The house looks nice, from what I can see in the background! So bright and sunny.

Sherry said...

Happy Mothers Day!!

SOSOY said...

*I* think your hair looks awesome!! I am so sick of mine, I'd trade you in a heartbeat! I wish I had a digital camera to show you how long mine is. I saw myself in the Walmart security cam at customer svc, and it's longer than I thought, but alas, I am still a good 4 inches away from being able to donate. Anyway, I will probably get mine cut like yours at the end of the summer.