Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Separation Anxiety and Camp Registrations

It looks like Levi is starting to have a bout of separation anxiety. I went out shopping tonight, and he was starting to get cranky just as I was leaving. He got over it enough to eat dinner well, but got cranky again just before bed. Chris said all Levi wanted to do was be held and rest his head on Chris' shoulder. I got home with a trunk full of groceries but after just one trip inside, he heard me from his crib and started to cry. I tried to nurse him but as long as he thought I was going to put him back to bed, he wouldn't drink. I had to take him downstairs where it was cooler and walk with him a bit until he calmed down, then sat on the couch and he nursed fine. Troyer and Noah came over to say goodnight and he was happy and playful. I took him back to his room and he layed down and went to sleep. *sigh* I guess that means I will have to take him along on shopping trips for a while until he gets over his distress at my absence.

Once I got him back to sleep, I had to go finish bringing in the groceries and put them away, then gather up the trash and put it out. I'm annoyed that Chris didn't do that for me while I was out. I know if I had been home alone tonight because he had to work late, I would have been expected to get the trash out even though I was watching all the kids. He didn't help carry in groceries or put them away either. Grrrrr.

I registered Troyer and Noah for summer camp today. They will be going back to the same camp they went to last year, but this time they will go two separate weeks. Troyer is 10 this year, which puts him in Junior Camp, while Noah is still in Adventure Camp. He was disappointed until I pointed out that next year he will get to have Samuel with him for his last year of Adventure Camp. That made him happy.

They each had to choose 3 activities to sign up for; Troyer chose Swimming, Horseback Riding, and Crafts, and Noah chose Swimming, Archery, and Aqua Jump which I think is like trick swimming. I know it involves a big inflatable slide, lol. Troyer toyed with the idea of archery, but I talked him out of it. I'm not sure he is coordinated enough for it, LOL. I'm interested to see how well he does with riding.

Samuel and Caleb will be going to day camp at the YMCA. They are also looking forward to that. I am not sure I am looking forward to having to get up everyday, early, to get them ready and drop them off. I remember doing that for Troyer and Noah a few years ago, and bleh, lol. Oh well, they will have a lot of fun.

Tomorrow Troyer and Noah have drs appointments, so the dr can sign release slips for camp. I sure hope the appointment goes better than Caleb's last week. I didn't know it was possible for a 5 yo to actually fail his check up, but Caleb managed to just about do it. The nurse tried to check his vision, but he refused to talk to her, so she couldn't tell what he could see. We have no idea if he was really having trouble or not. I haven't noticed him sitting close to the tv or anything, but maybe he covers well? I think Chris got his glasses at 5 or 6 yo, so it's possible that he is having trouble. The dr said he tested at 20/50. But the nurse said she thinks it was more of a stubborness problem than a vision problem. I was very embarrassed. He also wouldn't talk to the dr (who was a woman) and was uncooperative when she asked him to undress, or bend over to check his back, etc. I tell you, there's nothing like having 6 kids crammed into one of those tiny exam rooms with no toys or books, one of which is an inquisitive crawling baby, and have the patient be obstinant. Ugh. He is in a stage right now where he doesn't want to talk to girls. It was tough to explain that doctors, nurses, and teachers have to be excluded from that rule. He tried the same trick in Sabbath School and his teacher had to come talk to me after the class to tell me how bad he was. More embarrassment *sigh* Growth wise he did ok, though the dr wondered about his being on the short side. It turns out he is my biggest 5 yo so far, LOL. I'm only 5 feet, so I'll just be happy if he can get above 5' 6" LOL.

I am having lots of trouble with my email lately. It turns out my ISP has been transferring to a new email server, and it messed things up. I had to send them an email with my IP addy so they could manually add it to the server to allow connection to download mail. Ugh. Apparently they are still having trouble too, because I can receive mail now, but I still can't send mail out. I have to go online and use the webmail service and that is totally aggravating. I can't send attachments with it. Ugh ugh ugh.

I got birthday pictures loaded onto my computer, but I still need to edit them and upload them before I can post them. I hope to get to it soon!

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Chuck said...

Been there withthe 6 kids in one room. Pain in the butt...

We have 5 boys and a baby girl though...