Tuesday, July 26, 2005

No News

I took the van to the garage on Sunday and stopped in Monday morning to hand over the keys and explain what was wrong. At noon we drove past on the way home from swimming and I saw that they already had the van in a bay to look at. I thought that was a good sign and hoped for a phone call telling me what they found, but as of this afternoon I still haven't heard anything. The van was still inside when we drove past again today.

Chris got home at a decent time last night so I was able to run Troyer, Noah, and Samuel over to VBS. Our church is doing the "Bibleland Adventure" theme this year, with a Jerusalem Marketplace set up in the gym. It was really cool. Samuel didn't really want to go, and dragged his feet and crossed his arms all the way up until they started the theme song. At that point I left, but I was confident that he would have fun once he saw all the activities. I came back at 8 and I was right, they all had a good time. Hopefully Chris will be home at a good hour each night this week so they can keep going.

Micah's shoulder looks much better this week. It looks like it was a bit of eczema after all. I didn't know it could show up in just a single spot like that, and what an odd place. I think of it being on hands or legs or elbows. But it is paler and drier this week, so I think it is clearing up on its own. I wonder if it was related to the virus that was going around. I say "was" but really it still is. Micah has goopy eye and Noah had a bit of it too. I called the dr but she said if the eyes weren't red then they didn't need drops. I also ran Troyer in to the dr on Monday morning for his throat, and the dr said he was probably ok. I guess a lot of kids have had sore throats lately, but the dr said almost all of the cultures were coming up clear, so he wasn't going to prescribe antibiotics yet. They would call me within 2 days if something showed up on the culture.

I had a fun weekend; on Sunday my sister Michelle came up by herself and she and I went over to Gettysburg, just the two of us with no kids. We toured Eisenhower Farm and had lunch at Friendly's. The weather was beautiful, a little warm but there was a breeze, and the humidity was low (a rarity around here these days!). While shopping for postcards and magnets we found a CD of fife and drum music with all sorts of muster songs that we knew, so she bought it for me. It was fun to listen to in the car on the way home. We are going to try to get the book of music for it so we can learn some of the songs we didn't already know.

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