Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rich Man Poor Man

I got to pick up the van yesterday, and it runs soooo nice now. I am very happy. Chris, however, is grumpy about the bill. It was over $1000. Today our long lost tax return check came in the mail - Finally!!! It never got forwarded to our new address so I had to call the tax office and have them send out a new one. They told me it could take up to 3 months (waaahhh! I filed the darn return in February!) so it was a pleasant surprise to see it in the mail today. It will cover the van repair with a little left over. Unfortunately we were looking forward to stashing the whole amount away for when we move again. I keep telling Chris to stop being so pouty, at least we could afford the repair, even before the check came today; we didn't need to charge it or anything. And hey, it wasn't a $3K transmission!

The boys finished up swim lessons today. Troyer and Noah both passed out of their levels, but Samuel is still a polliwog. His instructor said he needs to build up more self confidence in the water. I could see that through the lessons, he is still nervous about jumping in or swimming without a kickboard or lifevest on. I am still very proud of him; he overcame a lot of his nervousness about being in the water, and I know he can swim enough to stay up if he ever falls in. He is looking forward to more swim lessons next year. Their lessons have been at the school pool, so when the school session starts again, the pool is too busy with the swim team to have lessons there. They offer Saturday lessons, but we'll be at church. So they will wait again until next summer. I still plan to sign Samuel and Caleb up for day camp at the Y at the end of August, and they will get some swimming there.


Anonymous said...

Instead of being so pouty he should be proud of the fact that you paid cash for a $1000 repair that most people would have to put on their visa. He should be thankful that he is better of than most of the country. He shouldn't cry poor unless he really is.

Gretchen said...

I agree! At least it is something that just wore out on the van - it is 13 years old - and not something that happened due to anyone's fault. I wasn't in an accident or anything. Oh well, at least he'll get over it.

Christi said...

Hi Gretchen,
I like your attitude and so happy to hear your van is up and running right.
Also your older post on your childhood during the 4th of July, I just loved reading about it, wonderful memories.