Friday, April 20, 2007

Spring is Here! Finally!

Today we had the first day of normal temperatures for the whole month. Yes, it was warm at the beginning of the month, but it was actually warmer than normal. Today it was in the upper 60s, and bright and sunny. It was perfect. Noah and Samuel are spending the weekend at MIL's, but I decided to take the rest of the boys to the park. We haven't been there since that day it was almost 80. Oh yeah, the day Levi fell sick with that awful awful bug that hung around here for 3 weeks. Troyer wanted to go over to a friend's house instead, so I only had 4 boys with me. We were there well over an hour, but the sun was so bright that now I have a headache from squinting! The silly park doesn't have any trees (not that there would be leaves on them yet) and all the benches face south. Not sure what brainiac planned that. Anyway, the boys had a great time. The water fountain was already turned on, so of course Micah and Caleb got soaked messing around in it.

As promised, here are some pictures:

Jacob in his swing:
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Still a bit of a rash, but much much better than before.

And here is Spring at our house:
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What, you say? Why is there a dead plant right at the corner of the front step? Well, it is a mum that blooms every Fall. Normally I'd have it pulled out by now, but it's been so darn cold and rainy that I haven't been out to weed yet. Yes, notice all the weeds mixed in with the blooms. They weren't there on Wednesday, I swear.

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This is Caleb telling me all about how many weeds there are. Those stalks on the left are some kind of evil fern weed. They grew in last year after Chris pulled out the bushes. Even in the dead of winter I could not pull them up. They will have to be chopped, or dug up.

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And here is the beautiful garden growing under the tree in our front yard. But, you say, they are just dandilions! So what, I say! They are pretty, and they tend themselves. I hope they fill the whole spot under the tree. We all know, of course, that they will forsake their place of birth and move out into greener pastures, leaving me with no lawn and also nothing to cover up the dirt under my tree. sigh. Oh, and yes, the lawn needs to be mowed too!


Melanie said...

Aw! Jacob is a cutie!

My tulips are starting to bloom, too, and I've already gotten my first dandelion bouquets of the season from the kiddos. :)

Leeann said...

Jacob is adorable!! I was glad to see a picture of him. And I know what you mean about the weeds. Blink once and they take over!