Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yet Another Blog Post About Being Sick

Isn't that what everyone else is blogging about this week? Well, we got hit too. At least we only got a head/chest cold, and not a stomach bug (knocking on wood!) Levi started it last Tuesday, and it grabbed each of us, one by one, until none were left untouched. Not even Chris, or poor Jacob. Luckily Jacob just has a mucousy cough, but no trouble breathing and no runny nose, so he is still sleeping well, and generally happy. In fact, I got some cute pictures of him smiling this week! So, in spite of being miserable from coughing my head off, here is the spot of sunshine in my life:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Of course we all got sick when the weather was in the 70s and bright and sunny. Now that we are (hopefully!) at the end of it, the weather is turning on us. It will be in the 40s by Friday (and below freezing at night!) I wonder how cold it will be for Easter. Sigh.


Melanie said...

I hope you're all better soon! The sick bugs FINALLY seem to be leaving our house.

Such a cute, happy little boy!

Keith said...

That looks like one happy kid! Smile like that will take him places!

Denn said...

Okay, I just have to comment that I love your blog address (still want more). After six, I do too. It seems the more children I have the more I want!?

ossy said...

Just came across your blog...wanted to hello and how adorable the new addition to the family is!

Leeann said...

Thinking of you all and hoping you are better now!