Monday, April 30, 2007

Two Birthdays

Last week was Jacob's 2 month birthday. He had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and got the usual check up. He weighed 11 lb 10 oz, which was kind of disappointing, I thought he'd weigh more. I checked on the other boys' stats, and it turns out he is my smallest at 2 mos old, even though he was my second biggest at birth. I wonder if it had something to do with all the colds going around last month. He's still in the 50th percentile, so the doctor wasn't worried. He also got 4 shots, plus an oral immunization. Poor baby! I hate that look they get when the doctor jabs them; kind of "how could you have let something like this happen to me???!!!" Luckily at this age they forget quickly, so by the time we were at the van, he was calm and drowsing off to sleep.

This Sunday was Micah's 5th birthday. He had been looking forward to it all month, and we spent last week reminding him to behave and not get into too much trouble so he wouldn't miss it. Well, guess what? He had about the worst weekend ever, in terms of behavior. He was naughty in church (he kept running out of the sanctuary and running up and down the halls alone), so when we got home, he was sent for a nap. Instead of napping, he yelled and got Levi up from his nap, and made more noise. When sent back to his room, he was caught opening the windows and screens next to his bed. They have child locks on them, but he knows how to release them. For this, he lost movie night priveledges and was sent to bed early. Instead of staying in his room, he snuck out and into the kitchen where he was caught sampling the brownies.

How much trouble do you think this kid can think up before he realizes he's making life worse for himself?? Well, Sunday morning, his birthday, he woke up before everyone else and came out and sat on the couch with me. I kissed him and said "Happy Birthday!" and we snuggled fora while. I got him breakfast, which he ate. He wandered off, but I had reminded him that he needed to be extra good to make up for the day before, so I wasn't worried. The next thing I hear is Levi waking up from a deep sleep screaming his head off. I ran to his room to find Micah standing next to the crib with Levi's sippy cup in his hand, and Levi dripping wet. Micah had taken the lid off and poured the water on Levi while he slept. Ugh, back to his room for another time out, and no birthday presents or cake.

Today I had hoped would be different, but nope. He snuck into his older brothers' room and stole some of their things, then ran away instead of handing them over when he got caught. Maybe we'll eat the cake in front of him without sharing. Do you think he'd get the message??? I don't think I could be so cruel....


Melanie said...

Oh, my! Well, it certainly made for a memorable birthday weekend! Yikes!

Jody said...

Oh, man!

Here's hoping he got the message, started acting better, and got a piece of his cake ta boot!