Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Christmas Plans

Chris emailed me today finally with a plan for Christmas. He wants to take the boys shopping on Thursday and then go down to his parents' on Friday. He says we will stay overnight at least, and then for as long as he can stand it. I say that's a good plan. We are planning to leave most of the bulky gifts there rather than bring them home just so we can pack them, so it shouldn't take us too long to get out when the time comes.

I finally got the last 3 haircuts done so I can get pictures done next week. I decided to just send cards out late and do the pictures after the rush. They should be cheaper too. I still have to make all my cookies. Last year I didn't do any, and it was nice to take the break. This year I really planned to do them; but as yet they are not done. Oops. With Chris doing all the work on the house at night after work, I haven't had any time to get in the kitchen and do them, because I'm making dinner and watching Levi. Hopefully now Chris can give me a hand.

I don't know how much time Chris is actually taking off for the holidays. He usually takes the week between Christmas and New Year's off, but it looks like he's taking off Thursday and Friday this week, so I don't know if that means he'll work 2 days next week. I have to ask him.

Levi decided to celebrate the first day of winter with his second tooth. He was very cranky yesterday and this morning. I hope that's why. I always worry about ear infections, because how can you know? He hasn't had a cold yet, and I haven't had a real one, but I have been stuffy a few times. You just never know when a baby is going to get one, and they can't tell you when they have it. Ugh. I hope he'll be ok.

Ok, checked with Chris, and yes, he has Thursday and Friday off, plus all of next week. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be pretty warm, as opposed to the frigid temps we had yesterday and will have again on Christmas Day, so I might take the boys out tomorrow too. Today I officially got some Christmas chores done: I mailed a card to my Dad and to my Grandma in Florida, and I baked one batch of cookies. So pitiful, really, LOL. But at least I can say I started!


Mrs. Darling said...

Well you're ahead of me. I haven't baked one thing yet! I have however gone through the kids toys and culled things out they didn't play with anymore. So I'm ready for the Christmas toys. But I've done nothing with the food yet!

Sherry said...

Are you guys moving? I thought I had read that somewhere, but I wasnt sure..
Your house is coming along wonderfully.

I hope your little guy guy stays healthy through Winter. My new little guy (2 mos old) has already had his first cold. Cough, and congestion. It wasnt bad though. Thank Goodness.

Happy Holidays!