Monday, December 13, 2004

My Baby Is Still Perfect!

Levi had his 4 month check up on Friday. He weighs 15 lbs 2 oz, and is 25 1/4 inches long. It sounds big, but actually he is slightly smaller than most of his brothers were at 4 months. He was sooo good for the doctor. He even laughed and giggled when the dr examined him, instead of cry, like most babies might with a stranger. He is perfectly on track for development, which is better than the other boys were. He likes to stand if you hold him by his hands; he is grabbing at everything and bringing things to his mouth to chew. The doctor was suitably impressed by his tooth :-) He watches everything and plays with his hands and feet, and seems to respond to his name. It may be the way we say it, though, it definitely sounds different than his brothers' names, so he is probably reacting just to the difference in sound.

He got 4 shots again :-( but he did really well, of course. 10 minutes after they were done, he had already forgotten. I asked the nurse not to put bandaids on them this time; she only has regular kids' bandaids, not the little round ones, and last time it took 2 weeks before I could even pry them off his skin, and they still left a mark, I just didn't want to go through that again. She was surprised and wanted to know what I would do about the bleeding; I told her I'd just hold the gauze to them and put pressure on until the bleeding stopped. That's what I did, though she thought I was crazy, lol, and it was only maybe 5 minutes and he was fine. And no bandaid gunk! Definitely worth it in my opinion.

I really really really like that doctor and the office. It is so nice there, and once again I had barely any wait. I am so used to having to sit in the waiting room for 40 minutes or more, and then another half hour in the exam room before I even see the P.A. It took only 45 minutes from walking in the door to walking out. I am so sad I will have to leave!

I left Troyer and Noah to play in the waiting area this time, while I took the other 4 boys back. The rooms are so small, and last time they argued and it got so loud so quickly in that small space. I figured 8 and 10 are old enough to wait together. They did fine, and it was much better with 2 less kids whining about how there were no good toys in there, lol. Of course the 2 yo thought the rolling stool was the best toy in the room, lol.

The only other incident of note is that Micah pooped while we were in the exam room. Do you think I had any large size diapers in the diaper bag I brought? Of course NOT! lol They were in the other bag that I left in the van. This office keeps a nice basket full of diapers on the cart with the baby scale, so the nurse offered one to me, but the largest size they had was a 4, and Micah is between a 5 and a 6, so we had to just wait until we got back to the van. Ugh, it was a smelly one. I feel bad for the other people in the office, lol. They must think I am a bad mom for letting my kid stink, lol. I will be happy when Troyer is old enough to send back out to the van for the other bag. Although I guess when he is, I won't be needing to change diapers any more.

I also had a doctor's appointment this week. Back in October my ob's office called to tell me my pap came back abnormal and I needed to come back in in December to have it redone. At the time I swear I was told that this is common for post partum paps, but when I went in the doctor said no, it is usually caused by an infection. Of course I was worrying some between the phone call and the appointment, but I figured the dr would reassure me at the visit, since I was told on the phone it was probably nothing to worry about; but he wasn't very reassuring at all. He didn't test for infection, which I thought was odd, since that is supposed to be the reason for the occasional odd cell. Anyway, now I have to wait 4 more weeks to see if this has resolved itself; I hope so, as it sounds like the next procedure for testing doesn't sound so fun.

I forgot to ask the dr about my prolapses, and if they could be the cause for the pain I've been having. I used to think it was tailbone pain that I got when my 4th baby was born, but lately it has been getting much worse and seems to be more muscular than bone. I'm sure that being so overweight is not helping, nor is spending so much time in this computer chair! lol Sometimes it even bothers me after laying down, which is counter-intuitive to the pressure-on-the-butt theory. Of course I can't help but wonder if the is some connection with the pap results. My crazy brain throws up visions of odd lumps growing in the wrong places. I'm sure I'm fine, but I'm one of those people who can't help worrying. Not quite to the level of hypochondriac, because then I'd be sure there was something dire wrong with me, but still wondering if there might be.

I should update you on how the work is going on the house. I don't have any new pictures, which is mostly why I didn't write anything last week. I like to be able to show the transformation. My sister came out to visit last weekend, officially to help with some work, but really because I wanted her to see how nice my house is starting to look. She came without her kids, to the boys' disappointment. We had piles of bags and boxes everywhere, and there was just no room for her kids,. We had such a nice time, though. She helped me take some bags to the Salvation Army, and then watched the boys so Chris and I could take a van load of stuff to the storage unit. She was going to help me go through some stuff to sort into pack/donate/toss, but we really only got through a small section in the basement. She helped me bring some stuff up onto the deck for another trip to storage. but the dumb place locks up at 1 pm on Sundays, so we weren't able to make a second trip there. It's been raining and drizzling since then; I hope the stuff on the deck is ok. We have them up on a pallet, so the rain isn't touching anything directly, but it is humid and I am just worried for the stuff. We would have taken it over this weekend, but it rained and snowed, so it is still sitting there.

This past weekend Chris started work on our bedroom. It is the last room he is going to paint. That leaves just 2 rooms he didn't do. I am sure this room where the computer is should get painted, but at least the other rooms look good. Our room is going to be a light green color. I hope it is pale enough. The boys' room turned out a bit darker than I had planned, and now I am worried that the green will be darker too. Well, maybe even dark it will still look good. We'll find out! Chris just finished the priming last night. We had to sleep in the living room because the Kilz stinks so bad. Poor Levi isn't sleeping well down there. He does so well upstairs in the bassinette, so I thought if I brought it down he would still sleep ok, but it didn't work. He hasn't slept in it at all. He slept in my lap and on my shoulder part of the night, but right now he's asleep on my shoulder while I type. Hmm, maybe I should say Poor me, lol, as I am the one who only got 3 hours of sleep.

I don't look forward to today; Mondays are always rough here, but today half of my stuff from my bedroom is out in the hallway while the room gets done; I am going to have to chase the boys out of the stuff all day. Ugh. And meanwhile get the laundry done. Double ugh, lol.

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