Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Did I mention that the boys had all passed around a cold last week and that I ended up catching it? Well, I'm not sure now if it is the same as what they had or not, because I am soooo worse off than they got. I usually don't get very sick at all, but ugh I feel horrible. It started off with fever and went to sore throat. I tried to tough it out, and avoid going to the doctor, but Sunday night my ear plugged up and I could not get it to drain. It was annoying, being that I couldn't really hear out of that ear now, but it didn't really hurt, so I hoped that maybe it would clear up on its own.

But last night it started to bother me enough to keep me up at night, so this morning I found a doctor and made an appointment. When the doctor looked at it, her exact words were, I think, "Yuck!" LOL I guess it should have been hurting me more than I felt it. So now I have a prescription for amoxicillin (she said she could give me something stronger but since there is that small chance that I could be pg - WHAT? LOL When I said but we used that ahem oh so common and cheap otc form of birth control, she just laughed and said unless my tubes were tied or we weren't having sex at all, they consider there to be a chance. ROFL) and I am waiting for it to kick in. I took my first dose before dinner tonight and I confess, I was hoping to feel some difference by now. But obviously, since I am up at this time of night I am not feeling any better yet. Waahhh I sure hope dose #2 in the morning helps!

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