Thursday, August 04, 2005

At This Point

I am just about ready to get a ball point pen and stick it in my ear and drain the darn thing myself! Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh I hate being half deaf! (well, half again as deaf as I already am, according to my lovely husband) When I bend over and hang my head upside down, it actually takes the pressure off my ear drum and I can hear pretty well, but it's not a very practical position for getting much done during the day. And really tough for driving ;-) Besides the huge headache from the blood rush, there's the view it leaves for everyone else to consider too LOL Anyway, I am taking it as a good sign that at least when I change positions I can feel a difference and movement of the fluid in my ear, and that maybe, just Maybe, it will clear up overnight? Oh please oh please oh please?

In answer to your question Lisa, of course I always beg them to stop, but usually not with my hands over my ears, and mostly while simultaniously putting them on /ignore so that I don't really notice if they have stopped or just started a new round.

And for a further aside, this /ignore thing is getting addictive and habitual with me. While we were in the doctor's office on Tuesday they were pretty rambunctious (that's a polite way to say obnoxious and loud and unruly) but it took seeing the look on one of the receptionist's faces to realize that something was going on that I needed to stop, namely climbing on chairs to make tunnels for brothers to walk under, which to the untrained eye screams "accident = liability" (to the trained eye it screams "people will think your kids are monsters = you're a rotten mother if you let them keep that up!")

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