Monday, August 08, 2005

A Few Thoughts

to add to my last post, in order to clarify to some readers who apparently are missing the point of that post, and of this blog:

1. This blog is about ME, not about the world and how I should work hard to make it a nicer place. As it happens, I generally do that (did I *say* that I was rude to my neighbor??? NO, because I was not; I let her in the house to use my phone, and said "you're welcome" when she left) but this blog is my little spot to vent my frustrations and anger when I need to. I am not here to have no-names lecture me on how to be nice.

2. I do think I "deserved" a thank you, as that is common courtesy; I do not think I deserve, nor do I want, "praise" for the favor I granted. What I would like is more sleep. I get very little of it, and I am not one of those people who can exist well on 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night. I do it, but not well.

3. Most importantly of all, I have heard from several other people as well as the anonymous commenter that in general it is assumed that a mother of small children will automatically be up at 6 am as a matter of course. WHAT? What gives people such an insane idea??? WHY would I be up anyway at that time of morning? (and by the way, in winter it is still dark at 6 am, and therefore qualifies in my book as still night) Ok, so let's go with the absurd idea that mothers of young children, who have gotten up 2 or 3 (or more) times already that night, will be up early (to cook a nutritious full course breakfast for her darlings, and wash dishes, and maybe throw in a load of wash in my spare time? Not in this house!) If so, wouldn't there be some lights on in my house? There were none on. If so, wouldn't I have answered the door after the first time the door bell rang? Or maybe the second or third? Somehow shouldn't she have gotten the message before the 17th time it rang???? And even if *I* were awake, and maybe some of the kids, is it a kind and thoughtful thing to do to make sure *everyone else* was up at 6 am???? Come on, you have to be a special kind of ignorant or insensitive to keep at the doorbell so insanely after it's clear that I am either not hearing you (i.e. alseep) or can't get to the door that quickly (maybe I have the baby on the changing table and can't come immediately without leaving a poopy baby to roll off the table, or maybe I am in the bathroom?)

Your lecture didn't do a lick of good, it only makes me more indignant. Next time sign your name.


Pam said...

I'm assuming that you are referring to me, as I honestly forgot to leave my name when I posted.
Yes, it is your blog, about you and your family. If you don't want others (namely myself, who is childless, but loves children nonetheless) to comment, and possibly post a comment that may not be in complete agreement with you, they perhaps you should shut off the comment feature.
Yes, you did deserve a thank you from your neighbor, and had it been me, I would have thanked you then and there and appologized for waking up your household. To be honest, if someone has several kids, then yes, I would assume that they are early risers (which is probably a poor assumption). However, since your house was dark, she should have noticed that (I would have) and tried somewhere else.
I didn't mean to ruffle your feathers, I read your blog regularly and enjoy it, especially since I don't have kids and find large families fascinating (sorry, I couldn't come up with another word).
Your neighbor was rude, period. Instead of continuing to be upset, why don't you go over to her house and let her know how you feel? That it did bother you and that you felt it was rude and inconsiderate? If you don't, and she locks her keys out again, you can almost bet it will be you that she comes back to at 6 am: "sorry, it's me, I need your phone, again".

Mrs. Darling said...

Pam a mother with young children is usually up late into the night and many times throughout the night. I recall being up as many as 8 to 10 times a night with my last one. Usually by 6 am the house is finally snoring. It's the aged and the no children people that are up fresh and rarin' to go at 6am. Lol

another lisa said...

I agree with you about the point of your blog. If I want advice, I ask for it, otherwise I am usually just talking about things that interest me or how my week went. I think venting in a blog is much more healthy than starting a negative situation with a neighbour (who you will have to live beside for probably quite a while).