Thursday, March 29, 2007

5 Weeks

Just got back from Jacob's one month appointment. He now weighs 10 lb 12 oz and is 22 inches long - growing well! The doctor says that the rash must be a viral infection that will have to run its course. That would normally be 7-10 days, and since he's had it 8 days already, we're hoping it's on its way out.

Meanwhile Troyer and Micah seem to have caught Levi's cold, and Caleb might be coming down with it today. Ugh. MIL had invited my pick of 2 boys to spend the weekend, but we may have to delay it. They were supposed to stay over 3 weeks ago, but that week MIL and FIL were sick, the next week we had too much snow to travel on Friday, and last week Troyer and Noah had to spend Sunday making more peanutbutter eggs. I sure would hate to cancel again, but I will if no one is healthy enough to go.


come fare soldi said...

Great blog! I will return to read all the post

Penney said...

Found your blog one day by accident and now have it in my favorites to check out once in awhile. All your boys are adorable. I have 1 girl.