Monday, June 25, 2007

Appointments and Check Ups

Last week the oldest three boys met with their evaluator to review their portfolios for school and discuss how the school year went. One more hurdle the education system puts up for us to jump, but we did it. The boys did great; this year she didn't have anything negative to say. She gave me the names of some art teachers for Troyer, and recommended a recent high school graduate who is giving guitar lessons. I had explained that I didn't want to fork over a lot of money for lessons when it is obvious my kids don't have a huge aptitude for music, at least performing it. She suggested that this young guy probably wouldn't be charging what a professional teacher would. She also gave me links to some great websites which I will be trying to use for next year.

Today Troyer and Noah had doctor's appointments, so I could get forms signed for camp. Noah and Samuel leave for their week next Sunday. Whew, where did June go? We saw a new doctor today, which always makes me nervous, since I have to wonder how well a new person will handle a room full of kids. And I did have them ALL with me today. Normally I would leave some of them home or else leave some of the younger ones out in the waiting room with an older brother; but since today's visit was for the oldest two, I couldn't do that. The doctor was an older man, but he was very nice, and kept telling me how well behaved the boys were. I'm wondering what room he was in, because while he was saying this, two of them were playing with the blood pressure cuffs, one was trying to climb into the baby scale, and another was standing on the desk. Not long after that, the 7 yo had to go out into the hall to use the bathroom, so of course the 5 yo decided he did too, and then the 2 yo decided he was just leaving. Ack, lol. In spite of this, there was minmal fighting and yelling, so I guess that makes me a good mom ;-) Troyer and Noah both had to get booster shots of the chicken pox vaccine, so after the appt, we went over to the grocery store and I let them pick out some candy. They are growing well and are disgustingly healthy Woohoo! Samuel and Jacob have appointments on Friday.

This past weekend Troyer and Noah went over to MIL's for a long weekend. They got spoiled rotten! They went out to eat more often than they ate at home, she took them to a museum and to a movie. Grandpa put them to work out in the yard, but I'd say the compensation was worth it ;-)

Meanwhile Chris and I took the younger boys out on Saturday and drove around. We did more graveyard visiting and also looked for house-for-sale signs. There was one house that we really liked, but the sign was gone from the last time we drove past it, so I think it sold. It cost more than we could really afford, but we spent part of the afternoon dreaming about it anyway. Chris really wants to get the kids out into the country where they can run and yell to their hearts' content without annoying any neighbors lol.

I have more pictures, still in the camera. Hopefully things will calm down here and I can post some.

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Yea for "disgustingly healthy!"