Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Quick Rundown

Ok, I said I'd review some more books and movies, so here they are quickly:

We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was cute, meaning it was lightly entertaining, not offensive, not horrible.
We watched Sahara, which we liked. Kind of a cross between Indiana Jones and The Mummy. It is based on a book, so I think the book would be good to read.
We rented Logan's Run, which I thought was going to be the TV show, but it turned out to be the movie which, while rated PG was not, so we returned it without letting the boys see it. That was disappointing.
We watched RV last weekend, and it was funny. I usually will like a Robin Williams movie, and this one was ok. It definitely didn't convince Chris that he wanted to take a vacation travelling across the U.S. LOL
The boys rented Thundercats, which is a cartoon from the 90s (I think). Troyer liked it, but he likes ALL cartoons; the other boys thought it was wierd. I did too LOL.
We also rented Stranger Than Fiction, and enjoyed that. I think Will Farrell is finding some better movies to do lately; I really didn't like him in his older movies.

On the bookshelf, I finished reading Simply Love, by Mary Balogh. I've been waiting for Aimee to finish it so she could pass it on to me. It's been on reserve at the library since it came out, and I was tired of waiting for it. I have to say, it was such a pleasure to read a good author again. Some of the other books I've been reading were mildly entertaining, but the writing bugged me. I found myself rewriting bits of them as I read them, thinking how the phrasing or grammar could be improved. Mary Balogh, on the other hand, writes well, so I could just enjoy the story. This book was the second in a quartet of books that are a side story to her Bedwyn series. It is fun to see her other characters popping up in these books.
Right now I'm reading When I Fall in Love, by Lynn Kurland. It's another book in a series, this one about a family whose ancestors are from Scotland. There is a lot of time travelling in the books, so they are a good read. Kurland is another good writer, which means her books don't need a lot of trashy filler and can concentrate on carrying the plot.

Finally, one more picture to share:
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My aunt sent a cool art table for the boys as her gift when Jacob was born. It has a roll of paper under one end, so you pull up a big sheet, draw on it, then tear it off when the masterpiece is complete. The boys love it!

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jshows said...

Just to let you know Thundercats is from the 80's. I watched when I was a little one. I was born in 80. LOL