Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lots of Firsts

Jacob will be 4 months old on Friday, and he's already hit a few milestones! Last week he started rolling over from back to front. He'd been trying for a while, but would catch himself on his elbow and flip back before getting all the way over. We joked that it was because he doesn't like to be on his tummy. He still complains once he gets there, and hasn't figured out how to get his arms out of the way to get back over again. He even rolls over in his carseat! If I lay him down in it for a nap, he'll roll onto his side. As he's waking up, he'll push with his feet and go up and over the top! He does this a lot so I think he enjoys it.

Another first: we brought the exersaucer down from the attic and cleaned it out. Chris put him in it while I was in the shower, and he loved it! We usually bring it out just after 4 months, so this is a little early. He can even spin himself around by kicking his feet already. He also loves to suck on the cover of the seat in front of him, LOL.

He is now regularly playing with rattles and toys. He's been having fun with his feet for a while now, and also likes to suck on blankets or whatever part of his clothes he can get to his mouth, so we figured he could suck on a teether instead, lol. He must have some teeth on the move, because he is starting to drool a lot too. We've never had a baby that needed a drool bib before, but I think they might be a good investment this time.

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Leeann said...

Very cute! I can't believe he is growing up so fast! Does it seem faster with each subsequent child?