Monday, November 19, 2007

The Boys

Some more pictures, because nothing is really going on here, just getting ready for Thanksgiving. We'll be going down to my sister's for the day, then going to MIL's on Friday for her leftovers. On Saturday my dad will be up visiting for the day, and staying overnight at a hotel just the one night. The boys are really excited about seeing him, because they haven't seen him in over 2 years.

Jacob getting up from a nap:
time to get me up!

Jacob playing at his toybox; he's learned how to lean against the side on his tummy so he can use both hands to play
I love my toys!

You know I'm cute!

Me too!

Caleb has spent several days creating log cabin scenes. This is one of his earlier buildings:
it needs a new roof!

Troyer and Noah ready to head off to a Pathfinder event:
get that smelly kid off my back!

I don't have any pictures of Samuel, because he always tries to hide when I get the camera out. He says he doesn't hate having his picture taken, and yet he always runs when I try ... I'll catch him sooner or later!

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